Infinite Strength

Tom & Jeanne were living a normal life full of the joyful hustle and bustle of a vibrant maturing family. Exciting details of college graduations, weddings, new job starts and moves dotted the family calendar. But Tom wasn’t feeling like his usual energetic self. Instead, he was slowing down physically and gaining weight despite his best efforts at eating right and exercise. The words he heard in the doctor’s office one morning last spring would dramatically revise the family calendar — adrenal cancer.

Since that day, Tom, Jeanne and kids have walked together through tests, scans, surgery, radiation and appointment after appointment — all the while holding tightly to the Hand of Jesus Christ. Every health update and prayer request e-mail from them comes with the Bible verses that have challenged or given them strength lately. Tom & Jeanne gave me permission to share a June e-mail that I hope will enable the source of their strength to be yours, as well. Excerpts follow.

“I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the Salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.” Romans 1:16

This scripture struck me as the most appropriate verse to share today as we begin this next part of the journey God has ordained for us.

We arrived at Radiation Oncology this morning at 8AM. Tom went into the treatment area as I set up camp in the waiting room. The news on the TV gave details of Senator Kennedy’s (cancer) surgery as I continued to watch men, women, and even a child make their way into the U of M cancer treatment center…people from all walks of life.

Everything filling my eyes and ears reminded me of the great quest we are all on for life. We want more life, not less. We want a full life…a healthyh life…and so we find ourselves now at a cancer treatment center seeking just that….

I finally put my Ipod music in my ears and opened my Bible study, “Jesus the One and Only” by Beth Moore. I realized that the people in the waiting room were glancing around (as do I) to see what others are doing while they wait. Am I embarassed (or ashamed) to have my Bible with all the colored highlighters in view (I haven’t seen anyone else with theirs). No, I am not ashamed….because in all the unknowns of this life, God has armed me with the knowns of the next. The power of the Gospel is unmatched. It cannot compare even to the most powerful radiation machine.

Radiation is needed to put cancer to death. The Gospel is needed to put sin to death. It is the power of God for everyone who believes. This truth filled my soul as I hated the idea of Tom having to be where he was and me having to be where I was. I hated for everyone in Radiation Oncology to be there. I hate cancer! However, I am so grateful to God to know that cancer will not win. We will fight for more life here, but we know we have forever in heaven because of the power in the Gospel. And its Truth sat right next to me in the waiting room chair. More importantly, the Truth sits right in our hearts because we have responded to the truth that we know as the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

* As of this writing, Tom has had only good reports concerning his cancer healing.

Dear Reader,
I pray that — whatever “normal life” is for you — you never choose to face any crisis without the infinte strength and comfort of Jesus Christ.  He has already walked the path of death for you so that you could come to Him on the path of eternal life. All that’s left is for you to do is accept Jesus as your personal Savior. You do not have to earn a place in heaven. In fact, it’s impossible to do so. And please do not believe the lie that some terrible thing you’ve done makes you ineligible to spend eternity in the joy and perfection of heaven with Jesus. He says that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and Just and will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If you’re not sure how to ask Jesus to be your Savior, just click on the “Keys to Change” tab for help. May you walk every day of your life in the peace and joy of a vibrant relationship with the God of the universe — Jesus Christ – the Source of infinte strength.