Life is Cumulative

Life is cumulative. A life is formed through the years like sedimentary rock — layer upon layer of thoughts, attitudes and actions resulting in some sort of structure that we periodically get the urge to survey. Sometimes Continue reading


We Carry Them Best on Our Knees

Young Pastor Dan had been serving in his new church less than 3 years when he found himself feeling very weary. A pastor’s life is full of emotional ups and downs; he knew that. But in a single weekend he had presided over a 10AM Saturday funeral for a church founder and celebrated the birth of a first child with a family on Sunday afternoon – only to be called away by frantic parents at the hospital. They were in ER with a child having seizures. Monday morning he was questioning Continue reading

Help is at the Door

Baby bottles and dishes littered the kitchen counter. Miniature clothes covered the family room floor – some the toddlers thought it fun to take off, others were escapees from a basket of unfolded laundry. Sounds of chaos cluttered the air. A Thomas the Tank Engine DVD grew louder and louder as the twins tried to drown out the 2 month olds’ cries on the baby monitor. Sitting on the couch, silent, dazed and buried under it all… Continue reading

One Gift it’s OK to “re-gift.”

Christmas makes us think of beautifully wrapped presents, but the first gift of Christmas was wrapped in nothing more than simple cloth – swaddling clothes. Jesus Christ came to earth as a baby without the fanfare of foil paper or colored bows. His wrapping was poor, but the gift He brought was ever so rich. He came into our world carrying the exact price for our salvation in His pocket – the ability to live a perfect human life as both fully God and fully man. Yet, before His work was done here, He would be “gift-wrapped” again. Continue reading

Time to Pack Your Bags?

Standing on the rocky shore of Lake Superior last summer, I looked entranced as shimmering water danced and rippled as far as the eye could see. The beautiful expanse took my breath away. Yet a few yards away stood a museum dedicated to numerous shipwrecks occurring on those very waters. As magnificent and inviting as the lake appeared in that calm moment, the power to crush proud vessels in seconds lay sleeping just beneath the surface. Continue reading