Three Things

Three Things

OK. I confess. I’m Type A. I have a To Do List – everyday. At the very core of my being there’s a little voice saying, “If you get through 75%-100% of your List, it’s a good day.” Conversely, if I accomplish 50% or less, the little voice gets up on its little soapbox and goes on a tirade, “You have been unproductive. You have insufficient checks on your List. What good are you if you can’t finish your list?” Frankly, the little voice used to really get me down if I didn’t check enough boxes — until I discovered something missing in my Continue reading


Timeless Tech Support

Tuesday – 9PM. A grave warning flashed up on my computer screen. “Primary EIDE drive is operating outside normal parameters. Back-up immediately. Replace hard drive.” My computer was crashing and so was my ability to accomplish the week’s To Do List. No more e-mail. No more progress on work or school projects. No more accomplishing anything that mattered.

Suddenly, I realized how dependent I’d become on the computer for numerous aspects of my life. In that moment I also discovered how dangerous it is to depend on the wrong thing or person when you’re trying to accomplish anything significant. Continue reading