What if Christmas isn’t Merry?

The stereotypical Christmas pictures show whole, happy families complete with squealing little children in fuzzy pajamas, delighted over magical presents on Christmas morning. Mom and Dad are sipping their Maxwell House coffee made by the son who has secretly returned from overseas. Later the Norman Rockwell table is set, with the perfect turkey, ample food and 25 relatives all thrilled to be with each other, smiling with great joy around the table. But what if that is not your Christmas? Continue reading


The Gentle Rain of Forgiveness

Forgiveness. It is always undeserved. No matter who receives it. No matter who gives it. Forgiveness is always a generous gift. Forgiveness restores. Forgiveness cleanses.

Max Lucado, in His devotional Just Like Jesus, likens Jesus’ washing the disciples’ feet to forgiveness…cleansing away the disciples’ sin of betraying Him, denying Him, abandoning Him before they even committed those sins.

It was raining as Continue reading