How to Use Answer Key

book-cover-answersPARENTS & TEACHERS,
Life-Changing Words Answer & Discussion Guides help you encourage students to:

– Study God’s Word daily for themselves
– Discover personal applications in the Bible
– Practice discussing what God is teaching them
– Consider praying to accept Jesus as Savior
– Understand that truly following Jesus means changing to be like Him


How do I begin a study with students?
Choose from You Want Me to Do What?! (teaches obedience) or Facing Lions, Giants & Other Big Dudes (teaches courage). Either workbook is $10.95. Each student needs his or her own copy of the workbook. Introduce the study to your family or group with an explanation of how you’ll work through it together to see what God wants to teach all of you. Each child completes the assigned part of the study and then comes together with other family or group members to share answers and discuss what God has shown them. Decide in advance whether you’ll share answers daily, after all students have finished their work, or at the end of the week when the entire lesson is finished and can be discussed as a whole. Choose a consistent discussion time and communicate clearly when that will be so students can work with that goal in mind. Younger students, especially, may enjoy small prizes for coming to the discussion time with all questions answered and activities done.

How much time does the study take?
Each 5-part lesson is designed to be done in one week. There are 8 lessons in all so that the study is easily completed over a summer or other short period. Study skills vary greatly between students in the 6 to 12 year age range, but on average each day’s activities take no more than 20 minutes.

How do I lead discussion?
Pray – When you gather to discuss a lesson, begin your time with prayer. Reinforce whenever possible that the God who knows everything has special truths for each of us to learn in each lesson. Ask Him to help you lead discussions that reveal His truth and honor Him. After the first couple of weeks, you might consider inviting a student to open in prayer.

Read questions; ask for answers – The goal of discussion is not only to hear what students have learned from God, but also to encourage their sharing and build confidence. Build students’ confidence by having them read questions. Your Answer & Discussion Guide has all the scripture-based answers. (Personal application questions may draw different answers from students.  If a student gives an answer that disagrees, ask for another answer from someone else and whenever possible try to correct wrong answers gently by going to the Bible verses and finding the right answer together. Also, try to give enough time for discussion so that everyone who wants to give their answer has the opportunity. Be sure to encourage shy or quiet students to participate.

Ask discussion questions provided – At the bottom of Day 5 on every lesson you will find two extra topics provided for extended discussion. These are optional and may be used instead as journaling opportunities for older students. These are open-ended questions. Just like the personal application questions in the core of the study, students’ answers may vary widely.

Close with prayer – At the end of discussion, be sure to thank God for teaching your family or group more about Himself. Ask Him to help everyone live out the things they learned until you meet again.

What if I need an Answer & Discussion Guide? – The You Want Me to Do What?! (obedience) Answer & Discussion Guide is available for purchase on this site. The Facing Lions, Giants & Other Big Dudes Answer & Discussion Guide is available as a free PDF download to those who bought 1 or more student workbooks. (See home page for details.) All student workbooks are available on this site. Click Books/Resources.