What’s the One Thing Better Than Chocolate This Easter?

Restoration. Exhaustion turning to energy. Depression turning to joy. Illness turning to health. When we see this kind of rejuvenation, we know that God is at work letting His perfect nature heal ours. He is the Restorer. Being a restorer is an intrinsic characteristic of God, and like every characteristic of God, it does not change.

God wants you and I to know His restoration power, so He’s put a boatload of examples in our world. He gives us a picture every morning when He Continue reading

How’d We Get from a Parade on Palm Sunday to a Cross on Friday?

Jerusalem was full of people celebrating Passover – the time Jews remember God delivering or saving them from bondage in Egypt – through a series of 10 plagues. Passover gets its name from the last plague, when the destroyer literally “passed over” every house where they had painted the blood of a sacrificed lamb on the door post. This showed their faith in God’s promise that the sacrificed blood of an unblemished lamb would save them from death. Jesus came to Jerusalem at Passover.

It’s no coincidence that Jesus rides into town at this special time. The Jews are hungry to be saved again, desperate for a deliverer once more. You see, Continue reading

We Can Trust an Unknown Future to a Known God

Has your life – like mine – had an extreme makeover in recent weeks? As local schools and universities close, have you suddenly found yourself trying to be a homeschooler, or an ad-hoc IT expert stretching household bandwidth so kids and parents can all work online at home? Has the economic earthquake left you unemployed or just unsure about how far family finances will go? Or maybe you’re one of our army of healthcare professionals who suddenly feel like we’re in a war and have found yourself on the front lines. We applaud you, appreciate you and many of us are praying for you. As the whole world tries to navigate what is, for most of us, our first pandemic, we’re walking  a path littered with more questions than answers. What do we do with all the unknowns? Continue reading