Troubles: Blotted Out in the Blink of an Eye

The tingling in her hands and feet crept in slowly, usually in the mornings. My dear friend, Kara, * didn’t feel as strong as she used to.  When these odd symptoms lingered she went to the doctor for answers. His countenance gave her little comfort as he reacted to her describing her symptoms. Also unsettling was the nurse’s request that her husband come next month “for emotional support” when discussing diagnosis and treatment. Once home, Kara noticed a diagnosis code on the MRI prescription — 340. A quick online search revealed what the doctor was testing for — Multiple Sclerosis.

A barrage of questions flooded Kara’s mind. Why now? How will I take care of my three children, the youngest of whom is just months old? But Kara had the wherewithal to choose faith over fear, prayer over panic. She and her husband got on their knees, as did the army of prayer warriors around her.

As prayers went up, medical tests went on — for weeks that seemed like years. It all culminated in this morning’s appointment when the doctor shared the results. The answer to all those prayers? Good news. All tests were normal. Rather than disease, the doctor attributed Kara’s symptoms to a physically stressful delivery of the baby less than a year ago, combined with the taxing load of responsibilities she continues to carry. This morning all Kara’s prayer warriors are elated and praising God!

However, no matter what the diagnosis had turned out to be, God would have still answered our prayers. He is no less good, loving or capable of doing the impossible when the outcome is not what we want. He will always be glorified. We need to look at this life and prayer’s effect on it with the right perspective. What would earthy life be like without God’s goodness? Without His perfect, ongoing, life-giving intervention in our lives, Satan — whose sole purpose is to steal, kill and destroy — would turn our entire earthly existence into misery, strife, heartache, hopelessness and fear.

Satan and death are defeated because of Jesus’ indestructible life offered up for our sins! This Christmas, let’s celebrate the radical difference Jesus makes in our lives. Because of Jesus we are actually allowed to approach the throne of our Heavenly Father with confidence in prayer. Because of Jesus, we actually have the promise that God hears and answers us — always responding for the good of those who follow Him. Because of Jesus, we actually have freedom from the fear of death. We know there’s more than the stuff of earth; Jesus’ followers have the reality of Heaven to anticipate.

There will always be trouble in the world. However, because of Jesus Christ, there will also always be a love, a power, and a perfection that supernaturally transcend and overcome the world. Because of Jesus Christ all the struggles we experience here are “light and momentary troubles” that will be blotted out in the blink of an eye by “an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.”

What a blessing that sometimes God chooses to blot out our troubles here and now in the blink of an eye, too, like He did for Kara.

How About You?
If you have a personal relationship with Jesus as Savior, may your Christmas celebration reflect this glorious reality! If you have not fully surrendered your life to the God who loved you enough to give you His own, why not make that decision today? Visit and click on the “Keys to Change” tab for information to help you think it through. Welcome the Baby into your heart this Christmas and life will never be the same.

Bible Verses to Ponder:
John 16:33
John 10:10
Romans 8:28
Hebrews 2:15
Hebrews 7:16
2 Corinthians 4:17

* The name has been changed in this true story for privacy.

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