No Room at the Inn

Mary & Joseph’s problem is really the problem of all humanity. They were constrained by the business of life….duties and deadlines, like we all have. As good citizens, they were trying to get to Bethlehem for the census, but Mary was extremely pregnant. Riding on a donkey can’t possibly do anything positive for morning sickness. Arriving in town after their long journey, they went from place to place, seeking a room in which to stay. Over and over they heard, “There is no room. There is no room at the inn.”

Of course, those innkeepers had no idea they were turning away the baby Jesus, the Savior of the world. Today, most Americans own a Bible, (more than four Bibles according to statistics.) Yet we are so busy with our duties and deadlines that there is no room for Jesus in our lives either. Especially during the Christmas season, it’s ironic that we’re running around shopping, wrapping, party planning and party-going, but leave no room for the Christmas baby, Jesus. No room in our lives. No room in our calendars. No room in our days.

How could you make room for Jesus during this season? Could you schedule (yes, on your calendar) a quiet time of talking with Him, taking your needs to Him, before you start your day? Could you read the story of His birth in Luke chapters 1 and 2? Could you take the step of connecting with a Christian community where Jesus is and His Words are at the center? Could you share about how and why you believe in Jesus with a friend or neighbor who needs Him?

Christmas seems like a good time to make a change….to rewrite our lives…so that no one (especially Jesus) will look back at us and say, “There was no room at the inn.”

Happy Advent. Merry Christmas

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