Where Have the Life-Changing Words Gone?

Merry Christmas!

I thought the season in which we celebrate the birth of Christ would be a good time to share what new work He has been doing in my life — thus the lapse in devotionals from Life-Changing Words. God has called me to share His Word with women through  an international Bible study called Bible Study Fellowship.  (www.BSFinternational.org) This involves studying a Bible passage, preparing weekly training meetings for our leaders and weekly  lectures for our ladies. It is a joy and a privilege, as well as a huge responsibility. I always want to be diligent to handle God’s Word with care.

So what does this mean to Life-Changing Words? With 3 studies published, I have decided not to write another one this year so I can focus on learning this new responsibility. (All studies are still available to your families at http://www.Life-ChangingWords.com.) Much of my creative energy has gone into preparing lectures lately and I am still learning to balance BSF and family responsibilities — which is why there has been a lapse in monthly online devotionals. I hope to soon have a system where I can get them up and running again!

So in short, the Life-Changing Words haven’t gone away, most of them are just being spoken at BSF on Monday nights. I believe that this is all part of God’s plan and preparation for whatever lies ahead — and I remain willing to serve Him in any way He calls.

Total availability and obedience is is the spirit in which Jesus Christ came to earth as a baby. This is the spirit with which His children serve Him best. May your Christmas celebration be filled with His Presence!

Passing  on His Grace,

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