Snow White

The snow fell silently last night as I slept. When I awoke and looked out, the backyard sparkled white in the morning sun. Yesterday’s dingy footprints were covered by a pristine layer of pure, dazzling white — untouched by human hands. How beautiful it was to look upon!

How like the snow is the miracle of God forgiving our sins through Jesus Christ. Like the falling snow, Jesus’ trials, scourging and sacrifice on the cross took hours. Yet at the moment we wake up to new life in Him by faith in that sacrifice, suddenly God sees us covered in a pristine layer of pure, dazzling white — the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Like the footprints covered by the snow, Jesus’ perfect life and perfect sacrifice cover yesterday’s dingy sins. And when the morning of new life by faith in Jesus dawns for each individual, God the Father sees each of us as beautiful to look upon because we bear the righteous image of His obedient and beloved Son.

It’s January, 2010. Have you put on the dazzling white covering of Jesus’ righteousness by believing that His death on the cross is for you and your sins? Who in your life needs to hear that a fresh start, a sparkling snow-covered morning awaits them if they will put their trust in Jesus and allow His purity to transform their lives?

Scripture to ponder…
“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” — from Isaiah 1:18

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