Have you suddenly started getting strange messages that don’t look like Life-Changing Words devotionals? Apparently someone is trying to take over the site and use it for non-devotional communication…shifting it to a worldly focus. We are working on fixing it, but I was reminded by this incident of the how the human race was “hacked” long ago.

God set up the perfect program with everything running smoothly, then created His crowning jewel — man and woman — made in His image. God gave all of this perfect creation over to the care of Adam and Eve. There was perfect communion between Creator and creation…perfect syntax. Adam and Eve’s focus was completely on God and tending to the delightful work He had given them. Then one day a snake-like hacker, the devil, crept over to Eve and deceived her…gave her some faulty code…told her lies that she believed. He painted a false picture of the God who had given them the beautiful garden as holding something back that was good for the couple. God had told them not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The devil said eating the fruit would make them like God, which is a lie. No one can be like God. He is completely one of a kind. His thoughts and ways are are above ours.

Eve bit — both the lies, the false code — and the fruit. And she fed both to Adam; the bad code multiplied like a virus spreading through a hard drive. Eating the fruit didn’t make them like God. He was not holding anything back that was good for them. All the fruit did was open their eyes to the guilt and shame of disobeying God…something all of us in the human race have felt ever since. Yes, the bad code spread through the whole human race, through every generation past, present and future.

However, God knew all this would happen and He already had planned a way to de-bug humanity. God Almighty, Jesus, humbled Himself to be born also completely human, live a perfect life and in a sense — use that perfect life to write over the faulty code that had infected humanity – sin. His undeserved death on a cross brought corrected code — eternal life with Him — to all who accept His sacrifice personally.  So the human race may have been hacked — like Life-Changing Words — but God always has a plan to restore. (We are working on restoring everything that comes from Life-Changing Words to being a God-focused devotional.)

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