Just a few days ago it hit 50-something in MI. The dead period we call winter, with its brown grass and dead leaves, was laid bare for all to see. Then…in 24 hours, we were dumped on with a foot of snow. Whiteout.

As we are in the days leading up to Easter, the whiteout made me think about the complete covering of my sin the day Jesus died on the cross. Long before that, sin brought death and decay into the world; all that is laid bare before God because He sees deep into our hearts. He sees below the surface. He sees past, present and future all at once. He sees every time I fall short of His perfect glory. But then came the day of the cross – where Jesus’ sinless life came to an end for my sinful life and yours. By God’s grace, Jesus’ shed blood covered all the death and decay of my sin and yours — just like that foot of snow covered the death and decay of winter.

When I look out on the landscape, all I see is pure white…perfect, pristine. When God looks down on people who have accepted Jesus as the perfect sacrifice to cover their sin, God sees that Jesus’ blood has covered everything with pure white…perfect, pristine. God sees Jesus’ righteousness as a glistening cover over us. Whiteout. Forever.

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