The Source Determines the Spray

I stood gazing at the unmitigated power, more than 600 gallons of water plummeting over the edge every second, the brilliance of the sun reflecting off dancing water droplets and the incessant thunder of water plunging 70 feet. It was breathtaking. Niagara Falls inspired nothing short of awe.

Later in the day, we learned about the falls. The actual height of the foreboding rock wall over which the Niagara River drops is 176 feet and the river bed is a mixture of limestone, sand and shale. However, when you look at Niagara Falls, you don’t notice different kinds of rock, whether water is falling over limestone or shale. What grabs your attention is the flowing water.

As Christians, we ought to be like Niagara Falls. People should notice the powerful love and Living Water that is Jesus Christ flowing through us, rather than our opinions, our prejudices and our problems that can often make people stumble like rocks in their paths. In the Bible, 2 Corinthians has a lot to say about taking the focus on ourselves and placing it on God. We are to be the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and spread the aroma of the knowledge of Him everywhere because the aroma of Christ brings life. What we allow to come out of our lives is important to God. Luke 6:45 reminds us that a person speaks out of the overflow of his heart. However, what we put into our hearts — through our eyes and ears — has a lot to do with what comes out.

The Great Lakes are the source of the water plunging over Niagara Falls. The result people see is awesome, breathtaking. What do people see as the source of your power when they look at you, at your life. The Great I Am — Jesus Christ — The Living Water? The spray or mist that emanates from Niagara Falls is cool, refreshing. What spray emanates from your life? Is it cool and refreshing to others? Does it make them thirst more for The Living Water of Jesus Christ?

As Christians, the more we focus on Jesus, drinking in His Word and filling our hearts with it, the more people will see Him — the Solid Rock — instead of the sandstone in our lives. May God allow each one who follows Him to be a conduit of Living Water, to inspire awe of Jesus, Himself, in others.


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